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Client Testimonials

"Amazing visit as usual! Kristen is a true healer that always provides me with insights that allow me to just live emotionally and physically better!" 

"Highly recommend KCR as I was suffering from neck and shoulder pain.  Nothing seemed to help.  I tried KCR and after several visits the pain and stiffness went away and my general sense of well-being was restored.  Kristen is very knowledgeable and made me feel very comfortable."  

"Since my very first session with Kristen years ago I knew her capabilities as a healer were exceptional.  I've had the privilege to experience her outstanding sensitivity to both the body's tissues and subtle energetics in tandem.  Whether it's KCR, deep tissue and muscle issues or finely-tuned energetic crystal work - whatever my body needs, she's up to the task with great intuitive skill and presence."

"I came to KCR with knee injuries. I experienced relief after the first session. After several months of regular treatments, I am free of pain and have regained much strength and range of motion in my knees.  I am also enjoying more flexibility in my neck and shoulders than I have had in years. While the adjustments may be subtle, the healing is deep and on many levels. I highly recommend KCR as treatment for recovery from injuries and as a valuable support for overall wellness."

"Working for a large international company for more than 30 years has resulted in a fast-paced and stressful lifestyle. I had suffered from chronic shoulder pain and tried well regarded traditional institutions and treatments without relief. I experienced immediate and long-term relief from KCR. Regular sessions also help me find better balance on many levels."

"I've been a professional healthcare provider for the past 40 years.  After recently being introduced to KCR I became excited knowing that a very important part of the human anatomy was being addressed in a professional and scientific manner.  This simple yet effective approach to health and healing needs to be utilized before drugs and surgery."  

" After dealing with chronic pain and trying every avenue including numerous medications with little results, I gave KCR a try. The first time was pain caused by a sports injury and the second was for autoimmune pain. The results were almost immediate relief. I highly recommend KCR."

"I had a bad injury when I was 7 years old.  My arm has always been stiff and painful. Kristen and I had one session of KCR and the pain was gone and I have regained a huge amount of range of motion. I am 61 years old and wish I had found this treatment 40 years ago. I will be forever grateful to Kristen."

"Just can’t wait to share that I just walked up to my second floor office without holding on to the handrail and without any pain for the first time in 3 months.  My walking stride feels back to normal.  This is wonderful." (After 1 KCR session)

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